Our Campaigns:

  1. Think Twice
    We have a simple, but robust mission: to encourage young people to think twice before using a gun. Nearly 100,000 people get shot every year–thats 270 people each day. Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of aid work. This is why Young Generation Movement is working to address this issue.… Learn more
  2. Community Cleanup Efforts
    Community Cleanup day is an event we sponsor each month to help promote civic-mindedness and help to instill a sense of responsibility in the kids. We partner with various individuals who we know serve as role models for our youth.… Learn more
  3. Cultural Enrichment Fund
    While considering today’s conditions of inequality, our youth members will gain an insight on the historical events and policies which made our world what it is today, gain an appreciation for civic duty, as well as develop a personal education and commitment to preserve the most important principles of our heritage.… Learn more
We thank the following Sponsor-Partners for their generous gifts, time, and unwavering commitment to the Y G Movement cause: