Julious George


Mayor of Atlanta The Honorable Kasim Reed and Y G Movement's Julious George

Atlanta City Councilman C. T. Martin and Y G Movement's Julious George

Julious George Robles was born and raised on the west side of Atlanta, Georgia.

He lived with his mother and 3 siblings in a single parent household in a low income neighborhood near the city’s housing project.

He was faced with the responsibility of being the man of the house at a young age, and in turn, was raised by the streets.

This is when George’s life took a turn for the worst. The heavy influence of peer pressure from streets took precedence.
George often found himself getting into violent fights. He was friends with leaders of gangs who dealt in weapons and illegal substances.

He found himself losing friends to the graveyard and the penitentiary system.

Eventually, George himself became a victim to gun violence and was shot and arrested after a violent altercation.

While incarcerated, he was able to reflect on everything that he had been through and took note of the fact that the other young men in jail respected him. After hearing their stories and seeing the influence of gang mentality on his younger cell mates George decided to start his own positive gang known today as the YG Movement.

After five months of incarceration and a new found inspiration, George decided to bring his experience and the Movement outside of prison to other at-risk youths of Atlanta.

Today The Young Generation Movement is a 501-c3 that mentors over 50 children and serves the community through weekly and monthly leadership programs without government funding or sponsorships.

George has partnered with councilman Felicia A. Moore as a Community Outreach Director, The District Attorneys Office as their Gang Initiative Consultant as well as the City Club of Buckhead for its community outreach program. His number one passion in life is giving back to his community and others.