Tamarre Torchon

Youth Empowerment Evangelist

Tamarre Torchon is an Educational Youth Advocate who currently focuses on adolescents in areas of lower economic status, she launched her new campaign “Young People Vote”, where she enters high schools in the metro Atlanta area and registers. She empowers the youth to vote and get involved in the political process. Tamarre is a full time student at Georgia State University where she majors in Middle Level Education, a minor in Urban Education and concentration in Educational Policies. She wants to ensure that every student is equipped with an equal opportunity to first class education, regardless of zip code, academic failure due to the lack of resources, and immigration status or English language learners. She now works for Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan, who has set a new path for candidacy for Georgia’s State Superintendent. A leader within her community, Tamarre has taken stands on many cases and spoke out on the injustice impacting the youth such as gun violence, education equality and youth empowerment. Tamarre speaks at press conferences, schools, and student centered programs. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Haitian immigrant parents, she is a prominent leader in the Haitian community, and is fluent in Haitian Creole and has great plans towards restoring Haiti’s education system. Tamarre is dedicated on changing the world with one young person at a time.